Warehouse Racking Mesh Deck

Maximising Office and Industrial Space

Helping you increase awareness of the true cost of space and how investing in the right ideas can improve the efficiency and contribute to the overall profitability of your organization.

We specialize in mobile storage solutions and the benefits movability can bring. For example mobile shelving can store twice as much in the same space. Mobile tables offer flexible use of space for better meetings tailored to your audience's needs. Trolleys and steps make it easier and safer to move or reach things.

OfficeSTOR offers a comprehensive range of products and services tailored to enhance security and organization within your workspace.

Specializing in mesh partitioning, OfficeSTOR excels in safeguarding your space, products, and pallets effectively. Their solutions are designed to optimize storage and logistics management, ensuring maximum efficiency while maintaining a high level of security. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and innovative design, OfficeSTOR delivers reliable solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries.

Lockable mesh racking with melamine shelves

Securing your product with lockable mesh shelving

Lockable mesh shelving to protect and secure important items.

Used for sensitive data protection and high value security items and spill storage containment. Ideal for retail stock, IT equipment, pharmaceuticals ,tool storage and quarantine areas.

The average cost per bay is approximately £1000+VAT. We can tailor your price down by removing backs and sides against walls. Call us for a bespoke optimised solution.

Mesh partitioning

Securing your space with mesh cages and mesh partitioning systems

Officestor offers several solutions for effective mesh partitioning of a storage area or working environment.

Traditional single skin mesh partitioning allows you to separate areas or zones in warehouses, storerooms and quarantine areas. Solid partitioning offers a different type of solution, for example, where there is a need to separate work or storage areas within a larger overall space.

Officestor has a range of single and double-skin partitioning systems, with the extra skin adding a smooth interior finish as well as additional sound reduction. These systems can also be fitted with glazing.

Pallet racking fitted with mesh doors to bays

Securing your pallets with lockable mesh security doors for existing racking

Warehouses serve as vital hubs for storing various items, from equipment and products to food supplies.

However, these spaces can be susceptible to theft, product mix-ups, contamination, and other security and logistical challenges. Traditionally, solutions like secure rooms, partitions, or container storage have been employed, but these options can be costly and inflexible. Fortunately, lockable mesh security doors present an affordable and versatile alternative that offers numerous benefits.


OfficeSTOR specialises in space innovation, offering space saving storage solutions and security products. Our aim is to provide you with the right product to protect your work space, pallets and stock. We have a wealth of experience, which we would like to share with you. So if you have to store, move, work at, sit or protect something give us a call.

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