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Bespoke mesh solutions

Not all problems can be solved with standard products, and bespoke solutions may be necessary. We endeavour to offer value, and sometimes individually taylored solutions work best, or a combination of standard and bespoke products. Typically, mesh doors  are bolted onto pallet racking to form quarantine cages or bespoke storage cages, for example, for ladders.     

Bespoke mesh doors for shelving

Bespoke mesh doors

We supply and install bespoke mesh doors to your existing shelving bays. We can design doors to fit any shelving system, so there is no need to replace and endure the disruption of replacing existing shelving with lockable cupboards or move stock to a more secure locations. MeshSTOR offers various types of mesh doors, available as single, double swing openings as well as sliding doors. All doors fitted with padlocks or keys.

Some shelving systems do offer doors as accessories but normally the doors are supplied in standard sizes with solid doors not mesh. Mesh doors offer the added benefit that they do not need to be opened to see what's inside for stock control. All items inside are viewable at a glance no need to open the door and the door opened only when it needs to be picked. Doors can be full height or in sections to divide up a shelving bay into compartments, such as converted shelving into heavy-duty lockers.

Finished in powder-coated paint in standard light grey RAL 7035, other colours are available on request.

Quarantine cage for pallet racking

Quarantine cage for pallet racking

Our Client needed a new mesh door for their quarantine store. It needed to be RED and easily bolted on to existing pallet racking.

It was designed to cover the whole pallet racking bay, making sure that no pallets could be removed by forklift when the doors are paddlocked.

Made in two parts for easier self assembley and more practical to handle and economic to transport to site. The doors were taylor made to fit the existing pallet racking Overall height 3700mm x 2700mm wide.

The customer said "Good Job".

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