Mesh shelving

Lockable mesh shelving

Lockable mesh shelving to protect and secure important items.

Used for sensitive data protection and high value security items and spill storage containment. Ideal for retail stock, IT equipment, pharmaceuticals ,tool storage and quarantine areas.   

The average cost per bay is approximately £1000+VAT. We can tailor your price down by removing backs and sides against walls. Call us for a bespoke optimised solution.

Security Environment Protection

For storage of non corrosive polluting products

  • Meets the requirements of new environment regulations.
  • The retention trays can be put on FLIP shelving and allow the mixing of trays and shelves on the same bay.
  • Easy mounting.
Technical characteristics

« C » profile upright 40x20x10x1,5 mm pitch
every 62,5 mm
Epoxy finish RAL5015

Height of the tray = 50 mm, steel sheet
thickness = 1,2 mm
Epoxy finish RAL7035.

Security Environment Protection trays with welded connectors

The 4 connectors with 2 claws are welded
on each end of the tray.
The trays are inserted in the FLIP uprights.
Load capacity = 70 kg/ tray.

Retention capacity:
1000 x 400mm : 18 litres
1000 x 500mm : 23 litres
1000 x 600mm : 27.5 litres

Security Environment Protection trays with tubular structure

Tray made of a folded steel sheet with 2
claws connectors on each end and 20x20 profiles.
Allows to store the products with a distance

Retention capacity:
1000 x 400mm : 18 litres
1000 x 500mm : 21 litres
1000 x 600mm : 25 litres

Security Environment Protection removable trays

Is put directly on the FLIP tubular shelves
• Capacity: till 250 kg per shelf
• Option: fixing stop.

Retention capacity:
1000 x 400mm : 18 litres
1000 x 500mm : 22.5 litres
1000 x 600mm : 27 litres
1000 x 800mm : 38.5 litres

Secured Epsivol

Security and Environment

For storage of non corrosive polluting products.

Secure your storage and meet the environmental requirements.

Technical characteristics

Tray is laid on the floor, is easy to remove, is made of 2 mm steel sheet

375 liters capacity per tray

Dimensions: L 1775 X H 260 X D 800 mm (height of the tray feet = 100 mm)

Epoxy finish RAL1004.


The EPSIVOL shelving is strong and sure and allows the storage of tins or barrels on 2 or 3 levels.

The trays are easy to remove.

Mesh doors and sides for pallet racking

Mesh doors for pallet racking

Technical characteristics

One piece system made of 50x50 mm mesh, consisting of 2 double doors in order to avoid cluttering of your gangways and to make the use easier

Height 1100, 1600 mm

Width 2700 mm

finish RAL7035

Adjustable universal hinge.

Unversal hinge

Using back and side mesh panels and a door with padlock, your shelving will be totally secured.

Our mesh doors can be adjusted on all shelving uprights.

anti-collapse mesh

The anti-collpase mesh can be adjusted on the rear or/and on the side of your shelving.

The panels are made of 50x70 mm mesh, wire 2,5 and 3 mm, a 25x15 mm perforated U-profile frame and vertical 20x20 mm tubes.

The galvanised consoles are fixed on the back of the shelving and allow fixing of the panels and overlapping of the pallets.

Epoxy finish RAL7035.


Panels: Length 1200, 2400 mm Height 600, 1000, 1200, 1500 mm

Consoles: Length 100, 150, 200 mm.

« Brick laying » system installation using alternately 1200 and 2400 mm long panels.

2.7m high mesh doors for pallet racking

Mesh doors and panels for warehouse gangways

For storage of non corrosive polluting products.

Secure your storage and meet the environmental requirements.

Technical characteristics

3 door models H 2200, width 2000, 2400 or 3000 mm (useful width), mesh 50x50 mm, central stop, 3 keys lock
2 side panels 1000 mm long, mesh 50x50 mm, adjustable
Epoxy finish RAL7035.


The mesh doors are used at the end of the gangways (not for emergency gangways) and are complementary to mesh back and side panels. The strong door frame gives a free height for entrance of handling machines. Can be adjusted to the width of your gangways thanks to the adjustable side panels.

Easy and quick to install


Option: mesh wall for closing the other gangway end

Secured Epsivol

Epsivol secured shelving

Secure easily and efficiently your storage area...

Protect your products using a shelving with mesh
Limit the access to your products.

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics: Widespan shelving EPSIVOL with 2 or 3 levels made of step beam 60x30 mm and mesh covers.
Mesh covers 100x50 mm, wire 5 mm diameter, simple or double wire for a better resistance, electrozinc finish
Back and side panels, doors and roof made of 50x50 mm mesh, Epoxy finish RAL7035
Door with handlock.


Height: 2000 mm (2 levels) or 2500 mm (3 levels)
Length: 1800 mm (double door 2x900 mm with handlock)
Depth: 600 or 800 mm.
Load capacity: 350 kg per level u.d.l.

Decks / Covers

Wire, tube or mesh covers

They insure luminosity in your warehouse, avoid amassing of dust and allows air circulation.
Ideal for places with Sprinkler protection
Allows storage of pallets as well as small parcels.

waterfall wire deck tubular deck
wire deck mesh deck


Security Environment Protection

Mesh shelving

Mesh for security environment protection.

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