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Officestor's unique Glidestor archival system delivers numerous improvements for storing and retrieving medical records.  Locate files faster and easier, and help save space and money too. A basic construction of static racks can be installed at single depth or two to three shelves deep, depending on what category of files are stored, and how often they need to be accessed. WIth one or two layers of boxes movable on a track,, this means the foorprint of traditional static filing sysems is halved.  Thus Open files can be stored on the same shelving as Semi Active or Dead files.  . The boxes are designed to your unique needs and can also accommodate mixed data types.  If required, they can be fitted to your existing racking. No more need for boxes stacked on shelves, leading to wear and possible collapse. Speed and safety of retireval can be optimised.  Our boxes are very robust, with corrugated fluting running vertically in combination with internal divisions. In addition, we offer solutions for traditional folders and Lloyd George wallets using conventional shelving that can be static or mobile racking.

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