Side view showing extended anti-collapse uprights

Enhancing Safety with Mesh Decks and Anti-Collapse Measures

Client Background:

In response to a workplace accident at another depot involving items falling from height, our client was determined to upgrade safety measures within their warehouse facility. Concerned about the potential risks posed by ill-fitting timber decks and lacking anti-collapse measures, they sought a comprehensive solution to mitigate hazards and ensure a safer working environment.

Problem Statement:

The existing pallet racking system lacked adequate safety measures, with no provisions to prevent items from falling through or between racks. This posed a significant risk to warehouse personnel and operations, prompting the client to seek a proactive approach to safeguard against potential accidents.

Challenges Overcome

Safety Concerns:

Addressing the risk of items falling from height and causing harm to warehouse personnel or equipment.

Inadequate Decking System:

Replacing ill-fitting timber decks with a more secure and versatile solution to accommodate pallets of all sizes.

Anti-Collapse Measures:

Implementing anti-collapse mesh panels to prevent items from falling between racks and ensuring a safer working environment.


OfficeSTOR developed a comprehensive safety proposal to address the client's concerns and enhance safety within the warehouse facility.

Key Features of the Solution:

Replacement with Mesh Decks:

OfficeSTOR replaced all existing timber decks and pallet support bars with mesh decks designed to provide a firm and even surface for pallets of various sizes. The mesh decks were custom-designed to match the weight loading capacities of the existing pallets.

Installation of Anti-Collapse Mesh Panels:

Metal anti-collapse mesh panels were installed between the racks to prevent items from falling through or between the flue of the pallet racking. The mesh panels were custom-made to fit the exact rack lengths, eliminating the need for cutting and ensuring a faster installation process.

Rack Extensions for Height Safety:

Rack extensions were fitted to the pallet racking uprights to allow the anti-collapse mesh panels to be 1000mm higher than the top beam height, preventing any potential pallet falls at the top.

Wrapping of Top Pallets:

As an additional safety measure, the client initiated the wrapping of all top pallets to enclose them, further safeguarding against potential hazards.


Enhanced Safety Measures:

The implementation of mesh decks and anti-collapse mesh panels significantly enhanced safety within the warehouse, reducing the risk of items falling from height and causing harm to personnel or equipment.

Improved Accessibility and Visibility:

The mesh decks not only provided a safer surface for pallets but also made the racks lighter and brighter to use. All pallets became much easier to access and view for forklift operators, improving overall operational efficiency.


OfficeSTOR's solution successfully addressed the client's safety concerns by introducing mesh decks and anti-collapse measures, making the pallet racking system safer and more efficient. By prioritizing safety and implementing proactive measures, the client ensured a safer working environment for warehouse personnel and minimized the risk of accidents caused by items falling from height. The overall success of the project highlighted the importance of proactive safety measures in warehouse operations.