Epsivol shelving with mesh protection

Enhanced Security Mesh Shelving for Council IT Equipment Storage

Client Background:

A local council faced security concerns following a theft incident involving IT equipment and monitors. In response to this, they sought a straightforward yet effective solution for secure storage of sensitive items within their office space.

Problem Statement:

Theft of IT equipment prompted the council to seek a storage solution that not only provided security but also allowed for easy stock control. Additionally, the solution needed to complement the office environment, promoting an open and airy feel while ensuring the safety of valuable assets.

Challenges Overcome

Security Concerns:

The need for a storage solution that minimizes the risk of theft and enhances security measures.

Visibility and Stock Control:

Ensuring a viewable storage solution for effective stock control without compromising security.

Aesthetics and Office Environment:

Integrating a storage solution that complements the office environment, offering an open and airy feel while utilizing natural light.


Officestor proposed a tailored solution, featuring mesh-clad long-span shelving with lockable mesh doors specifically designed for the council's office area.

Key Features of the Security Mesh Shelving:

Mesh-Clad Long Span Shelving:

The shelving units were constructed using mesh-clad long span shelving, offering a secure and viewable solution for stock control.

Lockable Mesh Doors:

Each shelving unit was equipped with lockable mesh doors, providing an added layer of security for the stored IT equipment and monitors.

Bay Sizes and Spacing:


The shelving units were designed with dimensions of 2500 high x 1800 wide x 600mm deep, with shelves spaced to accommodate standard-size monitor boxes.


Material Options:

Shelves were available in various materials, including mesh, galvanized panels, chipboard, and melamine-faced board. Melamine-faced board was chosen for its aesthetic appeal, blending seamlessly with the office environment.

Raised Access Floor Installation:

To enhance security, the shelving units were fixed down to the raised access floor, minimizing the risk of unauthorized movement or tampering.

Controlled Padlock Keys:

Nominated team leaders were issued with controlled padlock keys, allowing them to manage access to the secure shelving units and maintain stock control.


Optimized Security:

The mesh-clad long-span shelving with lockable doors significantly enhanced security, reducing the risk of theft and ensuring controlled access.

Effective Stock Control:

The viewable mesh design facilitated efficient stock control, allowing staff to visually monitor inventory without compromising security.

Aesthetic Integration:

The melamine-faced board shelves seamlessly blended with the office environment, providing an open and airy feel while utilizing natural light.

Raised Access Floor Stability:

Fixing the shelving units to the raised access floor added an extra layer of stability and security, preventing unwanted movement.

Controlled Access:

The issuance of controlled padlock keys to team leaders empowered them to manage access, contributing to an organized and secure storage environment.


Officestor's solution not only addressed the security concerns of the council but also provided an aesthetically pleasing and efficient storage system for IT equipment and monitors. The mesh-clad long-span shelving with lockable doors proved to be a versatile and effective solution, ensuring the safety of valuable assets while maintaining the functionality and ambiance of the office space.

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