Newly installed pallet racking racking with full upright protection and anti-collapse mesh walkway space to allow fork lift access

Warehouse Racking with Mesh and Barrier Protection

Client Overview:

In need of a comprehensive storage solution, our client sought to maximize space, accommodate changing needs, and ensure robustness and durability. They specifically required a system that incorporated mesh and barrier protection to safeguard both personnel and racks. Officestor was entrusted with providing a tailored solution to meet these requirements.

Problem Statement:

The client faced challenges related to storage efficiency, changing operational needs, and the risk of damage from forklifts. Safety was a top priority, necessitating protection measures against potential accidents and ensuring the security of both stored items and personnel.

Challenges Overcome

Space Optimization:

Maximizing storage space efficiently while allowing flexibility for changing requirements.

Robust and Hard-Wearing Solution:

The need for a storage system that was durable, robust, and capable of withstanding the rigors of warehouse operations.

Mesh and Barrier Protection:

Incorporating mesh and barrier protection to ensure the safety of both personnel and stored items.

Varied Storage Needs:

Catering to high levels of pallet storage, long-span racking for order picking, and the inclusion of lighter-duty industrial shelving for miscellaneous items.


Officestor designed and installed a comprehensive warehouse racking system with mesh and barrier protection, addressing the client's specific needs.

Key Features of the Warehouse Racking System:

Pallet Racking Throughout:

Officestor supplied pallet racking as the primary storage solution, providing flexibility, robustness, and simplicity for future use.

Mesh Decks for Picking Racks:

High racks designed for picking parts featured mesh decks, offering versatility for various part sizes and better light and water ingress in case of a fire.

Anti-Collapse Mesh:

Anti-collapse mesh was strategically installed on high racks to safeguard against falling items, enhancing the safety of order pickers.

Forklift Protection Measures:

Pallet racking uprights and corners were equipped with protection measures to safeguard against potential forklift damage.

Barrier Protection:

Barriers were installed at the end of runs to prevent damage from forklifts and other equipment.

Walkway barriers effectively separated forklift and pedestrian areas, enhancing traffic area segregation and overall safety.

Lighter Duty Industrial Shelving:

A smaller amount of lighter-duty industrial shelving was provided for the bench area, accommodating miscellaneous items for receiving, packing, and dispatching goods.

Mesh Ends on Picking Racks:

Mesh ends were fitted on lower picking racks to enclose ends and prevent items from falling out, contributing to overall safety and organization.

Upright Guards:

Upright guards were fitted to individual uprights to safeguard against potential forklift and pallet damage.

Economical Bench Construction:

A bench for receiving, packing, and dispatching goods was constructed from pallet racking, offering an economical and robust solution.


Space Optimization and Flexibility:

The warehouse racking system maximized storage space efficiently and allowed flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

Robust and Durable Solution:

Pallet racking throughout provided a robust and durable storage solution capable of withstanding the demands of warehouse operations.

Safety Measures:

Mesh and barrier protection measures were implemented, including anti-collapse mesh, forklift protection, barriers, handrails, and upright guards, ensuring the safety of both personnel and stored items.

Economical Bench Construction:

The economical construction of a bench from pallet racking showcased a creative and cost-effective approach to meeting diverse operational needs.


Officestor's warehouse racking solution successfully addressed the client's challenges by providing a versatile, robust, and safety-focused storage system. The incorporation of mesh and barrier protection measures enhanced the overall safety of the warehouse, contributing to the satisfaction of our client. The efficient utilization of space, flexibility, and durability of the implemented solution positioned the client for continued success in their warehouse operations.