Workbenches and workstations offer effective solutions for issues in busy packing and assembly areas. Officestor supplies ideal solutions for a variety of sectors, including industrial, commercial or specialist fields such as electronics. Rivet based benches and workstations deal with heavy duty items, with bench loads of up to 600 kgs combined with a max 400 kg shelf load. Very simple to assemble, yet tremendously strong.  Heavy duty rivet workbenches can also be supplied with strong nylon swivel castors.  In addition, we also cater for the speialist working environments of the electronics industry.  the Officestor range of anti-static (ESD) workbenches  comes with the option of accessories such as wrist straps, circuits and earth ground leads.  Our premium range of height-adjustable anti-static binary workbenches can be either manual or electrical, and there is also a heavy duty version suitable for the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

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