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FAQs about Mobile Shelving and Storage

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FAQs about Mobile Shelving and Storage


What is mobile storage?                                                     

Mobile storage systems is static shelving, racking, cupboards, lockers or any storage equipment put on moving bases or mobiles. Mobiles can be moving aisle i.e. bases that move left to right, rotary ie spin, or side to side.  Typical capacity increases of 60% to 100% are achievable by getting more storage units into a space by sharing and reducing the amount of aisles.

 Where is mobile storage used?        

Anywhere space is expensive or space is in short supply there is as potential for mobile shelving or high density storage of some type.
Example. 1) Take a room that has static shelving that has 4 separate aisles to get to the shelves. If we put that same shelving on mobiles and now use only one aisle. The remaining 3 aisles are now used to store mobiles with more shelving on it.
Example 2) Take a wide walkway or alcove that has filing cabinets or cupboards along it. Here rotary or side to side units could go.  

 Why use Mobile shelving?  

Space has a cost and making better use of it will save time and money. Mobile shelving systems can often double you capacity in the same area or free up important floor space for other uses, such as more desks.
1)It saves organizations money.
Mobile shelving makes better use of space which could mean the difference between moving to a new building or not, letting more office space or paying for expensive off-site storage.
2)It saves time.
Records are on hand with immediate access when you need it - 24/7.
3)It buys you time.
For example, when you need more space in an uncertain economy, make better use of your existing space first. It can help in decisions to downsize in space, reorganise, restructure.

What type of mobile shelving do I need

There are many types of mobile shelving and it is important to select the right one for you. It must be suitable for the job in mind. Fit for purpose.Here a few factors will help.
Decide what do you what to store?  See below for a few examples.
Commercial items e.g. customer records, filing, folders, stationery, archive boxes, samples
Retail items e.g. stock, shoes, garments,
Pharmaceutical e.g. drugs, medical equipment, records
Medical e.g. patient records, X rays, stores
Museum e.g. collections, paintings artefacts etc
Education e.g. books, equipment
Archives e.g. archive boxes, records, filing
Industrial e.g. pallets, spares, stock, tools
Cold stores e.g. frozen and chilled goods
Telecommunications e.g. Data, tapes
Mobile shelving can be used to store almost anything in all business sectors. The limiting factor is your imagination. Knowing what you want to store will determine the mobile type, strength and shelving or racking used.
OfficeSTOR’s Office mobile systems are designed to be installed on top of your existing flooring with no need for any dig up or cut the floor. The system is modular and can be relocated, added to or modified for the future. We can store new or existing racking & cabinets on the bases.
Popular places where our mobile shelving storage systems are used.
Property Rooms
Legal Records
Police Evidence Rooms
Parts Storage
Insurance Companies
Accounting Offices
Government Agencies
Retail Stores
Central Files
Merchandise Display
Factory Floors
Records Offices
Health Centres
Law Firms
Bank Vaults
Will my floor be strong enough?  
Mobiles can becan be fitted in most modern buildings that have a raised access or concert floors. Generally wooden floors or old houses converted to business use are unlikely to be suitable. OfficeSTOR will provide you with loading data that should be checked by a structural engineer if you are unsure of the floors strength. We can advise and provide mobile systems with are best suited for a particular floor and weight upon it. For example we can provide more tracks to better spread the loads or reinforce a raised access floor with more pedestals. We can advise where a system should be located, eg Big mobile shelving systems in the basement and smaller ones on the upper floors.   
How easy is it to move mobile shelving?   
All our systems from basic office storage systems to large industrial archiving storage systems are geared that creates a smooth turn of the hand-wheel to move the system. We can also install electronic mobile shelving that means only a button needs to be pressed to move the entire system.


How Safe is Mobile Shelving?                   

All OfficeSTOR installations come with built in safety features as standard. Manual systems have aisle safety locks fitted to all hand wheels to prevent mobiles from moving whilst an operator is in the aisle. Electronic system have sensors that detect the slightest resistance in current, if detected will stop the system and reset itself. OfficeSTOR ensure all users are shown how to correctly use any system safely. Safety signs are fitted to each system to remind operators of do’s and don’ts whilst using the mobile system.


How Secure is Mobile Shelving?   

Manual systems have key locking security locks fitted hand wheels or floor locks to prevent mobiles being opened by unauthorized personnel. Electronic systems have sensors that lock down systems and will only allow coded or fob access.
Does it require maintenance?    
Yes. A planned maintenance programme is strongly advised. The frequency will depend upon the amount of useage and treatment the mobile shelving is given. We recommend an annual service and will provide tips on good house keeping habits for your cleaners and users that will ensure against breakdowns. For example. It is essential to vacuum clean the tracks to remove paper clips. Mobile shelving systems are very robust and with good cleaning habits can give many years of worry free operation.
Signs are fitted to each system to remind operators of do’s and don’ts to keep the system in good condition. Planned services can normally detect and fix a problem far more economically than an expensive emergency call out that may disrupt your business, with a jammed system and files that cannot be got at.
OfficeSTOR will carry out a 10 point service report that will advise you on the condition and possible work needed to maintain your mobile shelving to best effect.
Does it matter who installs and maintains your system?
At OfficeSTOR we use in house fitters and highly trained engineers who know the systems inside out. Very often the longevity of a system, starts on how well it was first installed. If installed correctly as OfficeSTOR ensures it is, then the jobs a good in !!  
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