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Maintenance & Repair for Mobile Shelving Systems





OfficeSTOR has many years' experience of installing, repairing, maintaining and moving mobile shelving systems.  We have our favourites, but in general we can maintain most systems. 

From the user's point of view, any signs of damage, overloading or loose or missing components such as shelf clips or bolts are a strong indication a service is due.

 OfficeSTOR 7 Step Mobile Shelving Maintenance Plan:

  • Check wheels and tracks for signs of wear or damage
  • Check chains within the system for tension and wear
  • Check that wheels are running squarely to the tracks
  • Check drive handles for tightness and integrity of locks and hand drive wheels
  • Check driveshaft integrity
  • Check guide systems and replace where necessary
  • Check floor is firm and not bouncy.

A correctly used and regularly maintained mobile storage system should give you years of trouble-free service. 


Call OfficeSTOR for an exploratory chat, and we can arrange a free site visit to tailor-make a maintenance and service plan for you. Tel 01480 458443.



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