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Mesh Partition Systems


Simple to install, supplied in kit form, professional finish.


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Mesh Partition Systems

  Todays market conditions requires increasingly more reasons to keep your property safe. To meet this demand we have a range of mesh partition systems to suit all budgets and applications that are simple to install and offer a professional finish.

The key benefit to mesh partitions is its simplicity 

The old saying keep it simple stupid (KISS) is exactly what our mesh systems are. All available in kit form with a large range of different pre welded panel widths and doors to meet any security need.

Walls are see through so you will instantly know if anyone has tried to break in, simliarly it shows any intruder what you are storing so they won't break in because there is no mystery. Often a simple deterrant will protect your property from the opportunistic thief. 

Mesh partitions are very often a more ecomonic alternative to traditional building methods and basic DIY skills are needed to build a standard kit. See through partitions share light and ventilation which can save on added electrician costs and keep items from getting damp. 

Steel mesh does not pose a fire risk or hinder existing sprinkler systems. It is also good for fitting around wall, floor and ceiling obstructions such as pipes, electrical conduit and unlevel flooring.

Can be temporary, expandable or relocatable to change as your needs do.  


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