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Mobile Storage

What is mobile storage?

Also known as Mobile Shelving, Rolling Racking. Compact Storage, Moving Aisle Storage, Compactus, Mobiles and Mobile shelving. 

Bespoke mobile shelving

Mobile storage systems are static storage units put on to moving bases or mobiles.

There are several types of mobile storage systems; moving aisle, i.e. bases that move to the left to the right; rotary, i.e. the units spin on an axis; or side to side, i.e. the whole unit moves from side to side.
With mobile storage systems, there is more storage capacity within the room because aisle space is shared between the storage units. This means that more storage units can be physically fitted into the same area.
There are many types of storage units that can be used on mobiles. The most popular is shelving, hence the term mobile shelving.

Other types of mobile storage could be for:

  • lockers,
  • cupboards,
  • mesh panels,
  • filing cabinets,
  • existing shelving and racking,
  • cantilever sheving,
  • tapes,
  • data racks,
  • etc.

The picture above illustrates office shelving and longspan racking fitted to bespoke mobile bases.

Almost any type of storage can be put on mobile bases hence mobile storage systems can be found in any business environment and in any location.
The limit is your imagination!    


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