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Why Move Out When You Can Move Up?


Avoid the rocketing costs and inconvenience of moving stock and staff to alternative premises by opting for a mezzanine floor.  Utilise the height of your building fully to increase office accommodation, manufacturing area and doubling your storage capacity.




Mezzanine Floor / Raised Storage Areas  - The Economical And Space-Saving Alternative To Moving.

As markets change there often comes a time when you need to consider altering or expanding your premises.  The option of moving out to build or rent new premises can prove a serious disadvantage to your organisation, considering the cost and inconvenience of moving stock and staff.

Mezzanine flooring offers an ideal, cost-effective solution to your growing business needs.  If you have a minimum ceiling height of 4.9 metres , installing a second tieri will expand your work and storage space,allowing  for comfortable headroom on each floor.  Even if your full ceiling height is slightly lower, a mezzanine purely for storage will release much valuable groundfloor space. 

Mezzanines can be made to specification, depending on their planned usage, be it for sales or office accommodation, archiving,storage or manufacturing.

Our one-stop-shop service offers the best solution for your expanding needs.  Mezzanine floors are governed by building regulations to protect you, the client, from being supplied with a non-compliant structure.

Stop and consider the enormous cost savings by expanding upwards and in-house into an area that in many cases is never used. 



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