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Work benches and work stations


Whatever you want your bench for, we've got one just right for you. 


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 Let us help choose the best bench for YOU

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Workbenches come in all different qualities to meet your individual requirements and budgets.

We offer a range from simple angle benches with simple tops, all timber for schools to GBP height adjustable work benches and furniture for production and testing applications.   

All work benches are not the same and have to be judged on what they are needed for.

If the operator is working at a work station for long periods of time then it makes sense to have adjustability to suit their individual body height. Bad backs and uncomfortable stretching won't help operator health or increase productivity. We offer an range of height adjustable work stations manually and electrically powered to meet these requirements.

GBP heavy and light duty frames, with straight or cantilever legs with different work tops are all available, ideal for assembly and packing bench work. 

We also provide heavy-duty wooden traditional frame benches and a budget rivett angle and chipboard bench. 

Full range of accessories are available for all ranges.

Supplied KD for self assembley or built as appropriate.


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