Anti-collapse mesh

Mesh anti-collapse

Anti-collapse systems are bolted to the back of pallet racking to stop items from falling from height and preventing damage to goods and people below. Commonly,  they are fitted from the first beam level up to the top of the rack and offset from the racking face by 150mm on brackets to allow enough space for the pallet to set comfortably on the beams. 

Metal mesh and rack nets can be fitted to extend above top beam height or to ground level for added security.

Anti-collapse can be made of metal mesh of differing mesh size and strenghts or mesh fabric netting of varying sizes and strenghts,  the specification dependent on the product/pallet stored. 

Both metal and fabric netting offer safety from items falling from above. Some users argue metal mesh is more traditional and stops items that lean against the mesh panels but would need replacing in cases of heavy impact damage. Netting tends to catch the pallet/goods and is not best suited for items leaning on netting but needs little repair after a collaspe. Each project is individual,  and suitability requires a risk assesment to determine which is best..        


Rear anti collaspe mesh 100 x 50mm

Brick wall pattern to enhance strength

You can also choose the thread thickness from 2,5 to 5mm, and the mesh grid reinforcing the back cladding even more. Furthermore, the use of brackets attached to the uprights allows space between the racking and the anti-collapse wall up to 600mm. Meaning that pallets being pushed slightly over the beams will not damage your rear mesh.


Rear mesh perfect fit

Perfect fitting solution

Our panels are produced in steps of 50mm in width and 1mm in height.

Meaning it will cover the whole surface, avoiding cutting on site when installing. You do not have to take into account all the different beam widths, the whole solution will fit. It is made-to-measure. And for those who think this is not accurate enough, we have cutting kits so you can cut off the last mm on site.


Rearmesh narrow spaces

Narrow spaces

When optimising the use of space, you might want to go for tight fits.

No worries, our smallest bracket is 30mm deep. In combination with the profile of 30mm, we only need 60mm to offer you a solution with a bracket. If you do not even have 60 mm, you can also opt to have a direct mounting from the inside or outside.

Inside mounting is more complex to attach, but it makes the mesh more theft proof and comes in handy when the racking is in front of a wall needing protection or if you do not have much manoeuvre space when installing.

Rear anticollaspe mesh

Combine rear mesh

Need to combine rear mesh with various beam levels and pallet stops?

Of course a racking can be a complex construction, with various uprights, beams at different levels and pallet stops. This means that you will not be able to mount your rear mesh everywhere, as there are collision points. That is why Garantell has introduced the concept ‘blocked zones’. These are zones where no bracket can be attached.

By using blocked zones while designing your mesh wall it will always be ready to assemble, no surprises on site and no complex puzzles to make it fit.

If blocked zones cannot do the trick alone, you can combine them with our special brackets, made on demand, having different shapes and sizes.

Rear mesh anticollapse

Rear mesh anticollapse

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